About us

The Association of European Journalists was established in 1962 in the six countries which then constituted the EEC. It was founded by 70 journalists, convinced by the need for European integration in a democratic way who believed in the potential of journalism to promote European harmony. For that reason they were determined to defend the freedom of information and freedom of the press in Europe.

There are now more than 20 sections established in countries that belong to the Council of Europe (which consists of almost 50 member states, 28 of which are members of the EU). All Council of Europe members have signed up to the European Convention of Human Rights.

Members in each AEJ section are drawn from a wide spectrum of the media, including broadcast, print and new media and specialists.

The Irish Section offers  practitioners the opportunity to be part of  a professional and social network of media professionals and experts on European issues. The AEJ is not tied to any institutional or political group. It is recognised by the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and UNESCO. We are independently funded by subscription.

Our goals are to advance knowledge and debate on European affairs and to uphold media freedom.


We are a very welcoming organisation, encouraging working journalists and specialists to become involved.  Prospective members are encouraged to contact us at aejireland@gmail.com  where we will endeavour to facilitate membership. Follow us on twitter @aejireland


The Irish Section hosts a regular series of meetings at which we invite guest speakers, drawn from Government, politics, academia, publishing, NGOs, human rights groups  and a cross section of society. Normally held over lunch in Dublin city centre, the guest speakers are   always engaging, occasionally controversial and certainly challenging. The speaker traditionally concludes their address by taking questions from the attendance.

Not all events are held in Dublin, with lunches hosted in Belfast, Cork and other centres on occasion.

A delegation drawn from the Irish section attends the annual Congress of the Europe-wide Association which rotates across member States. Ireland last hosted Congress in Kilkenny in 2016, the fourth occasion Congress has been held in Ireland.

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